Real estate services manages real estate assets for both rent or sale

“If you want to do it, do it now.
If you don’t, you’re going to regret it”.

Catherine Cook, entrepreneur.

Our real estate agent, Aicat 2835 and legal expert n. 0707, has a degree in Administration and Business Management and more than 26 years of experience in the field.


Our real estate department invests all its commitment to its clients, whether they are sellers or buyers.

We administer rents and purchases for individuals, business, and investment funds. We always want to satisfy our purchasers or sellers.

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We promise our maximum commitment to clients during the search for a solution to their requirements.

immobilià, offers a management service of rents that assures our clients’ tranquillity. We take care of their rents and properties’ administration and they only have to collect the monthly rent.

In our commercial department, we have a wide number of future tenants, mass media’s contacts, and an efficient and customised process for every contract. We also revise service’s payments (water, light, gas…), monthly rents and communication with banks. Consistently watching for our client’s interests and their properties integrity.

The administration of properties’ rent composes the following services:

1. The find of a suitable tenant.
2. The documentary study to assure that the future tenant will have the adequate solvency and respect for the property.
3. The collection of the monthly rent.
4. The mediation, negotiation, and counselling for each rent.

5. The supervising of services’ payment (light, water, gas…).
6. The confection and writing of the leasing contract, its termination or renovation.
7. The repairs and renovations of the properties for their lease.
8. The control of the properties while they are unoccupied.

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Any procedure or management related to the sale of a real estate asset is not an easy task.

A, provides advice for all kind of procedures to ensure that our clients, buyers, or sellers, are informed with transparency.

The services that we offer related to buy-sale are:
1.- Technical advice for properties
2. Advice for buying
3. Advice for selling
4. Collaboration in legal procedures
5. After-sales monitoring and control