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Luxury materials can manage the intermediation during the selling or purchasing of luxury watches, diamonds (quality certificates by GIA) and gold.

Thanks to the International Association of diamonds’ miners and jewellers, located in Ambers, we can manage the selling in 48 hours of any diamond certificated with GIA.

Through our contacts, we can dispose of diamonds and golden, in the bank or in bars.

Nowadays, we conduct the sale of 10.000 mt. of golden with a refinery stamp and with a 4% of discount – fitxeen price from London-.

Thanks to different jewellery stores located in Girona, Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Switzerland, and Qatar, we can find any watch, brand, or model with the best prices.


We offer free appraisals to know and value the price of different properties, considering their conservation state, market fluctuations, more qualities, context, services, infrastructures, rights, urban situation, registry charges, and others.

Investments works with the sale of fund investors, business, and individuals.
We have real states and we manage its rents with profitability from 5 to 15%.
We also conduct the sale of hotels from all over Spain, shopping centres, gas stations, and buildings.

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