We advise and manage high performance financial products


Profitability from 15% to 20% gross for year.
Minimum capital 100.000€ to maximum 1.000.000€ | DUKASCOPY SWISS


Minimum capital 200.000.000€ | Interest from 40 to 60% in European Bank “AAA”

“Every short phase in economy is intrinsically false”.

Alfred Marshall administers the search for MTN and LTN through European banks and capitalising the value of your activity with high-performance financial programs.

Offers to investors an option between short and long terms traditional investments.
For that reason, the value of the properties is constantly changing. To display to our clients the best properties, we analyse and control the market’s tendencies and evolution. Therefore, we can react quickly in case of fluctuations.

LTN. Letters from the National Treasure. Welfare Emissions from Brazil
Until the second half of the 20th century, the Brazilian Government emitted public welfares on some occasions to collect funds to execute and promote the country’s development.

KYC is the work made by financing entities to identify client’s identities and legal exigencies, as the European’s fourth directive against money laundering.

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