The revolution of transaction methods: freedom, democracy, and truth.

“The higher we are, the humbler we must be”.

Marco Tulio Cicerón, philosopher.

We are an independent team specialized in financial, security, and legislative terms. Moreover, we are focused on Blockchain’s architecture development and integration.

Our business works like a traditional bank, applying the utilities which offer the newest technologies and based on commercial’s Blockchain, that is resistant to technic, social and economic discredit.

We guarantee the development of automatic and decentralised systems for information’s exchange that ensures society’s required level of coexistence and security in personal and professional works.

With our office located in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), we action the finances, legal rights and mediation of cryptocurrency’s buy and sell or start-ups growth. Discover everything you need to know about intelligent technologies.

What does it consist of?

Blockchain’s technology lets us store information that will never be lost, modified, or deleted.

Generally, it is associated with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Whoever, they are only the tip of the iceberg. This technology is insured cryptographically and requested for other commercial uses. What is more, it is going to increase by 51% annually in 2022.

What is it, Blockchain?

Blockchain is a unique register agreed and distributed through different network nodes. Regarding the concept of digital currency, we can think about it like a ledger that register every transaction.

Its operations can be challenging to understand if we focus on details about its implementation. Nevertheless, the basic idea is easy to figure out. In each block are stored:

  • several validated records or transactions
  • information about the block
  • its link with the previous block and the next one. Thanks to their hash, a unique code that works like a digital fingerprint

Each block has a specific and unchangeable location. When a chain is complete, then it is saved in a network node which forms the Blockchain. Consequently, the node contains an exact copy of every chain that is stored. What is more, any accredited participant can access the network and consult its information.

The network nodes validate any creation of new records. Then, the data join a new block linked to the chain.

Why is Blockchain so secure?

Blockchain is a technology distributed in which every network node saves an exact copy of the chain. This way, the availability of the information is guaranteed at any moment. If an attacker wants to cause a denial of service, he will have to cancel every network node. The database is still available even if there is only one network node.

Finally, with each node mathematically linked to the next block, when another one joins the chain, the new block itself becomes unalterable. If a block is modified, its bond with the chain will break. In other words, all the database saved in blocks is immutable and perpetual.

Blockchain’s technology lets us store data that will never get lost, modified, or eliminated.

Furthermore, each network node uses ratings and digital signatures to verify the information. Moreover, to certify its authenticity, it validates transactions and stored database.

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